This page has screen grabs from 5 live sites I designed and programmed for very different end-users.
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1. Chutzpah: For the fans of the group, had to have a serious feel to appeal to Hip Hop Fans, but also display the content cleanly.
Home Page

Film Festivals


2. Overwhelming Entertainment: A B2B presentation tool, had to be ultra-simple and clean for agents and producers with ADHD.
Home Page

Chutzpah Film/Videos


Pet Peeves Video

3. Hip Hop Fantasy: A sales presentation of concept for an online Hip Hop Talent Contest, had to be presentable to both those knowledgeable about the music (fans) and those not (executives). Home page and user page sample from two very different visual and linguistic styles are displayed here. Site demo had to meet technical specs of proposed show, including online text messaging tools.

Main Page for Executives

User Page for Executives

Main Page for Rap Fans

User Page forRap Fans

4. The Student Teachers: A fan site for a punk era band, had to have the punk Do-It-Yourself aesthetic, while archiving images, posters, press and media from the group, which broke up in 1980.
Entrance Splash Page

Photo Gallery

Poster Gallery

Press Gallery

5. A World of Happiness: A site for a CD of original children's music, had to be sweet, light and playful for kids and parents alike. It was largely adapted from the CD booklet artwork provided by the distributor, Disney.
Main Page
Song Lyric