This page has screen grabs from 2 sites I created last century...ca. 1995.
These domains are still live, but the old versions of the sites are no longer live.
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1. Fierce.com The Exclusive Site for Web Elitists: Fierce was one of the first comedy blogs on the web. We purported to review websites, but more often we just rambled. Called "Seinfeld of the Web" by Publisher's Weekly. Conceived, Art directed, Architected, Edited and Contributed.
Original 1995 Design

Our First Redesign

Millennial Fierce

2. CBGB.com: The online presence of the legendary club. Conceived, Art Directed, Architected, Edited and Contributed. Most of the content concepts, like the shrine, were preserved when Hilly took the site to another server.
Splash Entry Page

The CBGB Shrine entrance

A Sample Shrine page